AV Design & Integration

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Solutions that Work.

Few things are as frustrating as an audiovisual (AV) system that doesn’t work when you need it. Neurilink has helped countless customers upgrade their faulty AV to a reliable, professional system.

AV systems empower real collaboration in conference rooms, boardrooms, training rooms, multi-purpose spaces and more. Our projects range from updating conference room AV to system-wide enterprise installs.

Neurilink relies on its hand-selected mix of suppliers to bring the most advanced, reliable solutions to our customers. Our team takes complicated, multi-vendor systems and transforms them into intuitive, stable platforms for our clients.

 Our experts can help you find the right fit for projects like audio video conferencing, presentation systems, and video walls.

Why use an Audiovisual Integrator?

AV design and integration is the process of developing a custom AV platform and programming each element to communicate within the system seamlessly. Because each supplier specializes in one component of the entire system, an AV integrator is required to ensure each item can link together. These solutions are ideal for video conferencing, training rooms, and auditoriums.

Our Process

Site Visit
Scope & Project Plan
System Design & Programming
Installation & Testing

The Neurilink process begins with a needs assessment by one of our account executives. It is the first step and one of the most important. Our customers share their vision for how the space and AV system will be used. We fuse this vision with environmental considerations- like the necessary size for a display and number of speakers.

Armed with this foundation your account executive will work with an system designer to outline the scope and plan for project. You’ll then get a proposal with all the information. If it’s right you’ll sign off and if not we will reiterate until it is.

Once the proposal is signed system development begins with creating, engineering and drafting the architecture behind the platform. The result is a detailed design outlining each element of the solution. Our programmers take this blueprint and write the code needed for each component to communicate with each other. They also program the user interface to control the entire system.

Finally, it’s time to install. The Linker team visits your site and carefully connects and mounts each component for a seamless AV experience. Once the system is installed our Commissioner reviews the system to ensure nothing was overlooked and the platform works correctly. 

Once everything is singed off on we will train you on how to use the solution.

AV Powered Collaboration

Audiovisual connectivity, also known as Unified Communications, is key to collaboration in today’s professional environments. AV solutions are an essential component of effective communication in organizations with:

  • Multiple Locations
  • Traveling Employees
  • Relationship-Driven Partnerships
  • Dispersed Project Management Teams

Well designed and integrated AV systems facilitate alignment within teams, partners and customers. Participants are engaged in the conversation while viewing key documents on shared screens and providing critical input.  Companies are building better relationships with their customers and teams through AV conferencing.

Other AV Integration Projects

Neurilink offers AV integration for more than just conference rooms. Our team has extensive experience in developing systems for auditoriums, campuses, and unique spaces.

These projects take specific expertise to identify the right vendors and integrate the systems in a cohesive, usable way.

For example, Neurilink integrated a dual-projector system in a room with an optional partition. Our solution included a sensor that splits the display system when it detects the wall dividing the room. The platform automatically mirrors the display on both screens when the room is combined and separates the screens when the partition is down. The system automatically makes the needed adjustments for a simple user experience.

Our team plans the entire user experience, from powering it up to ongoing maintenance. In a recent large auditorium project, the projectors were placed high on the wall. Our team implemented a push-button system to lower the projector for servicing which saved the customer time and money.