Huddle Space

The Approach

We’ve invested the time to develop a service program that works for our customers. Instead of following old-industry norms and offering agreements that customers don’t fully use, we’ve created a set of options to fit both the project size and level of support you desire.

Your Options

Elite Protection

This is our white-glove, drop everything support. Customers with elite protection get moved to the top of the service list. You’ll receive a 2 hour return-call response time and 24 hour on-site response (Monday-Friday).  Elite Protection also includes tier  1 & tier 2 phone support. Hourly travel fees and shipping associated with returned or repaired items are also included. Finally, you’ll receive a bundle of on-site service hours. In the event there is an issue the system, you can pull from these hours rather than issuing multiple POs. Learn more


Directlink is a proactive support program with remote monitoring of your network-connected AV technologies. We will be alerted if there’s trouble with your system and can remotely troubleshoot the issue. If we’re unable to fix it remotely, we will contact you to schedule an on-site visit. Like Elite Protection, Directlink comes with a bundle of on-site service hours so you won’t need to issue multiple POs. Learn more

Bundled Hours

For small or basic systems that are not critical to the workflow of your business, bundled hours may be the right fit. You’ll get the convenience of pre-paid hours at a discount off regular service. You can also say goodbye to cutting multiple POs since you’ll have a bank of hours to pull from in case of an issue. Bundled hours are offered in 5-hour increments and can be used for service or system training.

Managed service comparison