Neurilink wins Samsung Digital Signage Award

Idaho Companies Receive National Recognition from Samsung for Digital Signage Collaboration

June 23, 2017- Neurilink received the Samsung Retail Installation of the Year Award at the Smart Signage Awards celebration at InfoComm. Samsung specifically sought out companies that leveraged innovative digital signage hardware, complex systems and collaboration to solve a business challenge.

In a recent press release, Greg Taylor, Vice President of Sales for Samsung Electronics America stated this year’s winners represented, “the best the signage industry has to offer when it comes to driving product innovation, creativity and business success.” Samsung recognized Neurilink for its contribution to Albertsons’ digital signage efforts.

The Boise-based AV integrator partnered with New Visual Media Group, another Idaho-based company, to develop digital signage solutions for Albertsons stores around the nation. For Neurilink, the Retail Installation of the Year exemplifies the innovation that can occur when Idaho companies work together.

New Visual Media Group is revolutionizing how digital media can reach and engage with customers. They have been producing digital content for over a decade and created digital media for signage installations throughout North America.

“We are excited to continue this strategic relationship with both New Visual Media Group and Samsung Electronics, to continue to offer the best of class digital signage and messaging technologies to the Albertsons banner stores across the US.,” said Neurilink President Michael Fornander.

The partnership began when New Visual Media Group approached Neurilink with an opportunity to work together on Albertsons’ signage.  Fornander immediately engaged with New Visual Media Group’s Principal, Matt Cilley, and began working on a national rollout strategy. This strategy focused on

  • product specifications
  • distribution capabilities
  • integration resources
  • continuing warranty and support.

Samsung was a key partner in the initial stages of the project.  They were able to meet a price point that was aggressive for a large national retailer.  More importantly, they had feature sets and services that continue to build out a successful deployment.

Samsung offers encompassing features which make is a successful product partner in this growing deployment.

  • 16/7 to 24/7 run times
  • On-Board USB and embedded chip based playback capability
  • 5-year next day replacement plans

Samsung continues to introduce Neurilink to future retail and customer interactive technologies. These innovative solutions range from facial recognition technologies and wireless communication capabilities to end user devices.

Neurilink was one of five companies recognized by Samsung for excellence in digital signage implementations at the Smart Signage Awards at InfoComm in Orlando, Florida. InfoComm is the largest Pro AV Trade Show in North America with over 44,000 attendees.