Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a 21st-century solution for better customer engagement, advertising, and information sharing. Multi-panel video walls, mosaic walls, menu boards and wayfinding each offer a unique opportunity to display dynamic messages.  Our team can respond to any creative initiatives like curved video walls or elaborate projection systems.

Digital signage enables content to be updated on time to match your business’s needs at any time. It can be updated to reflect market trends, new inventory and vendor partnerships, or any seasonal specials or sales.

Solutions offer unprecedented flexibility to grow with your company. What starts out as a single display inside one department can morph into a store, building or company-wide system encompassing multiple sets of screens, media players and content servers. These can collectively send the same messages to different locations or individualized to post content relevant to a particular portion of a building.

Digital Signage can broadcast content in real time. Real-time information allows special events including speeches, press conferences and special product presentations, to be seen on multiple screens in multiple locations.

Use Digital Signage to
  • Update menu pricing without the expense of a new sign
  • Share your message with customers in the waiting room
  • Track your team’s KPIs (Key performance indicators)
  • Broadcast events in real time
  • Distribute internal company information
  • Stream financial market movements
  • Align your office environment with your tech-focused brand.

Digital Signage Uses by Industry


Healthcare providers are using Digital Signage to deliver a better patient experience and increase engagement. Hospitals are seeing the value of digital wayfinding for indoor and outdoor navigation with step-by-step instructions. They are also using video walls to help share their message with visitors.


Digital Signage in the business environment can enhance customer experience and employee engagement. More and more corporations are using digital signage to provide customers a glimpse into the manufacturing process, supply chain and company culture. Sales teams are leveraging these solutions for tracking and display of metrics throughout the office.


Retail customers are using digital signage to provide a dynamic advertising site in their stores. Digital signage is impacting consumer purchasing decisions driving to the bottom line and reducing the perceived wait times at checkout.


Hotels are using digital signage for better customer interaction. Displays with weather, meeting room numbers and restaurant information are displayed throughout may hospitality organizations.


Restaurants capitalize on digital signage with editable menu boards displaying pricing and promotions. Kiosks and self-ordering are also beginning to take a role in the restaurant experience.

Video Wall

Video Walls

Neurilink’s award winning video wall solutions deliver precise and brilliant visual messages. They not only create a wow factor but build a closer brand experience for customers. Video walls configurations and uses are endless. We offer various sizes, resolutions and technologies along with flexible mounting systems and screens.

Large, multi-screen video walls will set your message apart.

Using Video Walls

Full-Screen visuals Impress viewers with large scale graphics or videos displayed on multiple screens.

Data Communications These deployments are popular in airports and manufacturing sites where charts of data are continuously shown. Flight times and status records become easier to spot and read when displayed on high definition screens. Expansive video walls can show large amounts of information to many people at the same time.

Interactive Bring your viewers into a virtual reality where they can interact with their surroundings. A touchscreen interactive display can take your video wall from flat to an immersive world.