Interactive Displays

Interactive touchscreens provide modern solutions for educationbusiness and healthcare organizations. We offer a variety of interactive displays from leading manufacturers including Clevertouch, Avocor, Samsung and Sharp.


These systems, also referred to as interactive displays, digital whiteboards or interactive touchscreens, are large, wall-mounted screens that are becoming a critical component to the integrated classroom and conference room technology. These systems allow users to manipulate data in a hands-on environment and engage with content like never before.


Interactive displays offer more extensive features than traditional monitors and screens. These systems incorporate touch screen capabilities with the ability to ‘write’ on displays with a digital pen or finger.  Users can annotate over web pages, documents and digital flipcharts then save and send the meeting files via email.

For educators, they act as the heart of the entire classroom technology system. Interactive displays can share lessons, save and email files and screen share from PCs, tablets and phones.

Interactive Whiteboards for Education

Interactive whiteboards are becoming a mainstay in classrooms by providing teachers with critical technology and enhancing the learning environment. Interactive whiteboards provide a hands-on learning experience for students while addressing many common projector complaints.

Interactive displays don’t require bulbs or fans, reducing the support time needed to service boards in each classroom. They also alleviate the noise caused by projector fans, which can disrupt students learning environment. IT Directors can update some interactive whiteboards remotely, so they don’t have to interrupt the classroom to make sure the boards are running smoothly.

Companies like SMART, Clevertouch, Samsung, and others provide various interactive display solutions. Like most technologies, system priorities play a critical role in understanding how each platform’s nuances will impact the environment.

Neurilink is the exclusive distributor of Clevertouch in Idaho, Washington, Montana and Wyoming. It’s simple user interface, built-in PC, and durability at an accessible price point than other leading interactive whiteboards make it a game changer for education.

Business & Government Solutions

Interactive boards are game changers for employee training and brainstorming. The ability to annotate over existing documents and web pages drive a collaborative environment. These meeting documents can then be saved with the annotation and sent to the team’s email list.  Meeting members no longer need to take photos of a whiteboard before it’s erased, and the archiving feature ensures notes won’t be lost after the meeting.

Finding the Right System

Neurilink offers many of the leading interactive touchscreen systems. We have access to best-in-class solutions and can help you find an alternative to a problematic legacy system. Get in touch with us to see what options are out there and identify the right fit for your organization.

Since Neurilink is a full-service AV company, we can help your IT department integrate the solutions into classrooms or train your technical staff. We also offer remote digital monitoring to keep your systems running.