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zSpace is an all-in-one hardware, software and education content platform. With AR and VR capabilities, apps, learning activities and compatibility with various third party software providers, the possibilities are endless.

What is zSpace?

zSpace is an augmented reality leaning platform with apps for science, technology, engineering, art, math, CTE and allied health.

Users can purchase the zSpace All-in-One, zSpace Laptop, or All-in-One and Laptop implementation.

zSpace All-in-One AR/VR learning experience with glasses and stylus

zSpace All-In-One

zSpace All-in-One has three main hardware components. A computer, VR/AR glasses, and stylus each contributing to an immersive experience. The computer creates immersive, interactive experiences for users. The 24" HD Display features a Windows 10 Operating System. This experience is paired with a set of lightweight VR/AR glasses and stylus, which allows users to 'pull' an object out of the screen and manipulate it 360 degrees. zSpace can be complemented with a zView Camera and Armature set, so the experience can be shared with others.

zSpace Latop for personalized learning

zSpace Laptop

Leverage both the All-in-One and Laptop by zSpace. The All-in-One creates a demonstration station for instruction, then students can use the laptop for personalized learning.

zSpace All-in-One hardware and laptop solution

zSpace All-In-One & Laptop Implementation

The All-in-One and Laptop Implementation is for classrooms interested in mixing group instruction and personalized learning. Students can engage with each other and receive instruction around the All-in-One, then go to the Laptop for a personalized learning experience.


Part of the power of zSpace lies in its educational apps ranging from automotive to health and STEM.


zSpace Studio Icon

zSpace Studio

zSpace Studio features thousands of models with pre-made activities. Students can explore anatomy, animal, astronomy, biology, building, mechanical and more.

zSpace Newton's Park Icon

Newton's Park

Newton's park is a physics playground that enables students to discover through experimentation. They can change gravity, stop and reverse time and build simulation.

zSpace Franklin's lab icon

Franklin's Lab

Student's can learn troubleshooting and the basics of electrical circuits in a safe environment. Teachers can limit or break circuit components to enhance student learning.

zSpace Curie's elements icon

Curie's Elements

Curie's Elements features an interactive periodic table with Bohr and atomic models of each element. Students can visualize trends in the atomic table or try out the atom builder.

zSpace Euclid's Shapes Icon

Euclid's Shapes

Elementary and middle school students learn math like numbers and operations in Base 10, measurements, fractions, functions, ratios and more.

zSpace Leopoly Icon

Leopoly 3D

Students can get a jump on 3D creation with this introduction to creating, customizing and preparing digital objects for 3D printing.

zSpace Geogebra icon


GeoGebra offers students information on geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and algebra in 3D.

zSpace Vived Science Virtual Reality Learning App

VIVED Science

This is an encompassing science package focused on interactive dissection on human anatomy, botany, zoology, earth science and microbiology.

zSpace Vived Chemistry Virtual Reality Learning App

VIVED Chemistry

Atom build, view molecules and more with 115 activities that augment physical science and chemistry instruction. (coming soon)


zSpace Vived Volume Virtual Reality Learning App

VIVED Volume

3D Anatomy learning enables students to perceive spatial relationships.

zSpace Virtual-ECG Virtual Reality Learning App

Virtual ECG

This program by Vizitech is used to practice ECG electrode placement, study abnormal ECG's and learn about the relationship between electrode placement and ECG strip.

zSpace Vived Anatomy Virtual Reality Learning App

VIVED Anatomy

3D Anatomy learning enables students to perceive spatial relationships.

zSpace Human Anatomy Atlas Virtual Reality Learning App

Human Anatomy Atlas

An award-winning human anatomy general reference with over 4,600 anatomical structures

zSpace Canine Anatomy Training System by GTAFE Virtual Reality Learning App

VR Canine Anatomy Training System

A teaching tool for veterinary students by GTAFE. They gain practical training of the canine Integumentary, skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory, urinary, circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems

Automotive & welding

zSpace VR Automotive Mechanic Virtual Reality Learning App

VR Automotive Mechanic

The program by GTAFE features assembly and disassembly within a virtual mechanic shop.

zSpace VR Automotive Expert Virtual Reality Learning App

VR Automotive Expert

A 3D interactive study guide by GTAFE with text and simulations to deeper students understanding of automotive training.

zSpace Wave NG Virtual Reality Learning App

Wage NG

Students get hands-on training in welding gestures, WAG and MMA, through exercises with a handheld welding simulator. This program is by Mimbus.

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